Interior Cup Holder

I realize that I am not the eagle eye I once was, but according to the manual I received with a 2006 XK8 there is supposed to be a cup holder… which I sure don’t see when I flip the lid open.

It s in the front end of the central arm rest in my 98.

Yeah that is where it is suppose to be according to the manual
I received. But no such luck.

European models may not have the cupholder. I know they did not on the earlier models. Could that be the answer???

Could be someone replaced the arm rest with one from an XJ40. I believe they are interchangeable. They looked the same but didn’t have the cup holder. When I had my XJ40, I wanted to replace the arm rest with one from an X300 but never found one in a wreckers.

You will need to replace the magnet with the ‘hook’ type lid catch.
Get the part from the cubby part of the console as well as the lid itself.

Be aware that many of the XJ40 trim colors are different from the X300/308/100.

I installed a LFJ (nimbus) in my LDY (savile) but I worked at the Jaguar dealer and the local leather repair guy was at the shop regularly so I had him dye the console lid the correct shade of grey.

If you go the other way, you can install the magnet or just let gravity hold the lid closed.