Interior installation questions

I have a few questions regarding the installation of some of the interior pieces and what fasteners to use/where.
Reference this drawing from the Jag parts manual:

  1. How are items 14 and 16 secured to the trans tunnel while still allowing for access to the trans fill port and starter access panels?
  2. The parts list calls out for four studs with matching sockets to secure the center carpet to the car (items 20 and 21 in the figure)- what are the locations of these studs on the carpet?
  3. How is the hardura that wraps around the outer wall of the footwell to the A post (bonnet latch goes through it) attached? Combination of contact cement and screws? If screws where and what type?
  4. How are the vinyl covered pieces that cover the lower B-pillar area secured to the body shell?
    The parts list is absolutely zero help with these questions and the interior I removed from the car was nothing even close to OEM, so no help from that.

Did you check this thread?

Ok just finished this job!
14 and 16 are tucked in surrounding the bell housing and under the console edges and behind the radio tower. Note on the LHS there is a removable 17 with same strategy but has a fold up flap tp get at transmission plugs.

20 & 21 I haven’t got to this yet but carpet lays in the footwell quite well

Hardura on a post held with a dab of adhesive plus 2 x 1/2 “ 4 g countersunk with cup washers about 1” from top and side and also botttom and side at the edge that is facing from the car

I did my b pillar using same methodology same size screws etc… the top part slips in behind the casing and is secured by a screw at the top into the lower cant rail

Hope this helps

These may help regarding the carpet attachment to the floor. I got them from OSJI.
CCF_000060.pdf (1.2 MB) CCF_000059.pdf (1.8 MB)

Here is where the screws go. The holes should already be there as a guide. The side of the panel is glued to the bodywork.

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Thanks for all the help guys! I think I’ll try some adhesive backed velcro on the tunnel pieces and see how that works. If it’s too thick I’ll tear it out.