Interior installation

Pictured is the original.

The replacement does not seem to have anything comparable to the hard cream colored backing.

Any suggestions on a good replacement product?

Does the backing count as a judged area?

You could use contact cement to apply a plain untreated canvas. Once the contact cement is fully dry, dampen the canvas and it will shrink tight.

How thick is that backing?

Based on the dents in it does it seem likely that it was soft 50+ years ago?

Landau foam is closed cell and often 1/8" thick with some ‘give’.

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Wiggles, not judged, but gives a better final aesthetic based on the little research I have done.

Bill, interesting option. Would have never thought of that.

Geo, there is closed cell foam on the back of the replacement product that we are putting in the car, but some have mentioned to “smooth” out the depressions, using something firm to give a better aesthetic on final install of carpet.

I installed tar paper over the wiring recesses on the doors for this very dilemma.

One of our buddies has a commercial construction company, and he said they have a very thin material that is used in roofing that would be perfect. He is going to bring me a sample this week to check thickness etc.


The picture may be deceiving, there are no depressions, it is perfectly flat so areas where there are depressions on the vehicle, it just smoothly bridged over.

If nothing else, having all the original interior parts will really help with knowing how to fit the new pieces (hopefully).

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Aha… makes sense.

Perhaps item I am considering would be similar to underlayment option discussed in above link to “stiffen” interior areas known to be sloppy looking when installed.

Will post pictures of the product I am considering when it arrives.

Probably .045 or .060 EPDM, think heavy inner tube rubber. Other than for roofing, sold as pond liner. I don’t like the ‘mushy’ look of replacement vinyl over foam on the bootboard on a FHC. EPDM should give a much tighter look.

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Jack, I believe the material we are considering is TPO.

Will need to evaluate the thickness but seems like a possibility.

Here is a picture of the product. Quarter for size reference.

What about mill board or 1/8 mdf … do you only want it on the flat areas … the vertical areas are less of an issue I think… you could also as an alternative put thin rubber in the depressions with a dab of glue then dynamat over the lot… becomes very smooth have done this on floors in cars before … certainly smooths it all out

I think both of those you mention are also good options. Guy had access to this and offered to let me try it.

Going to use the original material to make templates and see how I like it.

Also need to test which adhesive I will need to use with this product.

Looks like would work too … is it an underlay ? … I’d use a trimming glue … I never cover all of the surface … just enough to hold in place … you can then remove by heat gun if you need

Ok youz guyz, it’s the little stuff…

So in using original as templates, there are no holes for the red circles. Do those just get plugs or do they have a function?

Also, as someone else pointed out in another thread, that grey antenna cable is not supposed to run through this hole (yellow square), but apparently the fit was to tight with the other wires to run it with the wires on drivers side. Maybe I could fit it if I modified the grommet? Any suggestions?

Isn’t the antenna wire covered by the boot interior coverings… if it is I’d leave it… haven’t seen those holes before, but looking at the trim taken out there appears to be cut outs on the backing… which would indicate perhaps that some sort of trim clip is fitted…flip the old trim and see if there are corresponding holes?