Interior kit vendors?

Doing a full restoration on the ‘64 MK2, I will be needing a full interor kit.
Prices are astronomical!
I’ve looked at BAS, Moss and Barratt’s.
Can you suggest other vendors or manufacturers, US-Canada-UK, that I could contact?
John G.

Have a look at Aldridge at in the UK. Original patterns, materials and colours. Not cheap but none will be.


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Hi, I would recommend OSJI in Muncie Indiana. I am in the process of restoring the interior of my ‘63 MK2 and have had them make up the entire interior kit, and everything looks great so far. Also another forum member recommended OSJI, and sent me photos of his finished interior, which look fantastic. If you live near Muncie, you can bring your seats and/or car to them for reupholstering. I sent them my console etc and they did a great job. They also do the boot.

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Great leads, guys!
I think OSJI is what used to be Bartlett from whom I bought the interior kit for my E-Type 15 years ago.
Great products at the time.
I will now make inquiries.
John G.

I have used kits from Aldridge in the past and they have been good. With the Aussie dollar currently weak, we tend to get cars trimmed de novo by our regular trimmer.

When considering price you need bear in mind that these kits are hand made to order by craftsmen from premium materials. A lot of hours goes into producing and fitting the kits.

Our trimmer usually charges around AU15k to trim an E Type coupe, and I would expect it to cost more for a MK2.

Hi, I used Suffok and Turley in the UK, but I think you have to purchase the kit from Classic Jaguar in TX. Got many samples of Suede Green leather and trim for my 420 interior. By far the finest leather and trim available. Not inexpensive, but the leather is superb.

At the end of 2001 , after I’d owned the 1967 Mark 2 since 1989, a friend with a Mark 9 convinced me to visit a trim shop here in Southern California which had redone his mark 9 interior superbly to discuss the possibility of having them fit a new interior on my car. My car had an ‘ambla’ material interior, and no occasional tables on the backs of the front seats. Since I had recently obtained a pair of tattered but retrimmable reclining seats with occasional tables from an original German market Mark 2, I figured now is the time to investigate. I met the trim shop owner and asked him what could be done, and of course what it would cost. I asked if I should consider ordering a kit from one of the ‘usual suspect’ suppliers. He said he would accommodate me if I chose to go that route, but he told me he prefers to manufacture everything ‘in house’, since more often than not, kits do not necessarily fit perfectly as they are supposed to. Then he showed me sample swatches of Connoly leather along with identical looking swatches of leather and moquette manufactured by a German company which specializes in interior components for classic British and European cars. They looked and felt identical. He also said he would use my original (and rotting) door panels as a template to reproduce the exact dimension door panels which they would trim to original specification with the German company materials. While the panels were off the doors, they installed sound deadening material in the doors as well. Except for replacement of Wilton wool carpets and headliner, which I had done several years earlier, the entire retrim ended up costing me only $2500.00 US. Now, 20 years later, the interior still looks and feels as new. Bottom line is this: If you have a competent trim shop to refit your interior, you will save $$$ and have the job done correctly.Jaguar Mark 2 interior.pdf (234.6 KB)
Jaguar Mark 2 interior.pdf (234.6 KB)

Thanks for that tip.
Your interior does look great!
I’m not sure I can find a competent trim shop in Montreal, but I will surely have a look around.
Best regards,
John G.

Good luck! Hope it works out for you