Interior Light Jaguar MK 2

The courtesy light on the passenger door on our 62 Mark 2 has ceased to function. Wiring cleaned and new bulb seem ok. Is there a circuit to check? I don’t see anything on the passenger door.
Thanks, Kim R.

Your find the switch on the A post , may just be stuck in :thinking:

The switch is not visible, it is in the door hinge, at the A-pillar.
When you open the door you can see it inside.

Any of the 4 door switches plus the fascia switch should operate the interior lamps. Is it only 1 of the 4 lamps not working? IIRC, the lamps are fed by a purple/black wire from the fuse box and the earth is switched from the door switches. You should be able to measure 12v at the lamp in the off condition with a multimeter.


As a tiny bit of useless trivia, Jaguars have 2 cigar shaped lighrs on the B pillars and 2 circular ones on the C pillars; Daimlers delete the circular ones and have a cigar shaped one in the middle, above the rear window. An easy, sure fire way to tell if someone is trying to flog off a repowered Daimler as a Jag.

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Yes it is only the one light that doesn’t work.
Kim R.

Should be easy to fix,then. Either bulb, bulb holder or perhaps bullet fitting inside door pillar has come apart. You could easily remove the entire fitting and connect it across a battery to prove the first 2 possibilities.

Probably no help as it was unique to me but a PO had replaced a wire (must have had to) and that wire, running from driver B pillar forward, had rotted and was open circuit.

I seem to remember that, to me at least, the wiring of the lamps was a bit odd and a wiring diagram helped me.