Interior lights blown fuse

Hello everyone
Need some help with my '93 sovereign LHD. All started when i was changing my c-pilar reading light bulbs, i changed right side and it worked just fine but left side didn’t so i checked if the bulb gets 12v and it did, it was getting late so i decided to continue troubleshooting later but when i opened doors later that evening not a single interior light came on… So the fuse was blown so i changed it and it blows right away. I think the fault was maybe on c-pilar lights so i disconnect them but fuse keeps blowing. Any ideas why this keeps happening, before this all lights was fine except c-pilar lights.

Making progress, found alot oxidizing/tarnish on the drivers footwell fuse box, i have already ordered new one.
Definitely have to change that, i hope that it will bring back my interior lights.