Interior Lights from Super Bright

I’m making an order to Superbright LEDs for some household strip lights. As I’m making the order, I might as well order some for the gauge lights in my S1. But as I scroll through the website, I don’t see anything for the 987 and 989 lamps. I’ve tried searching on the forum but everything under LED comes up “no results”. I must be doing something wrong. But whoever has ordered from SB can you point me to the equivalent lamps?

Super bright doesn’t carry them. I’ve only found a place in England that has them and they are rather proud of them. All the other lights on my car are LED and I love em.

One thing maybe worth noting. I mistakenly left the lights on after a drive. They all stayed on for 7 hours before I went down to check on the car and noticed they we re on. The car started easily. The LEDs didn’t drain the battery much at all. I suspect if I’d had conventional bulbs everywhere I’d have been using the jump starter.

I turned on every interior light --all LED-- on Harvey the RV, 22 in all, and left them on all night (10 pm till 6 am).

Morning came… vrrrrrOOOM! Engine started easily.

Good thing you are not in England. It would be much more difficult to find a name to rhyme with caravan.

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Thanks John. I’ll look elsewhere, including XKs.

I would call it Van Morrison. Not English but same local area.

I am changing over to LED interior lights.

What color bulb, green or white did you use in the speedometer and the legend strip?

Im just going with white