Interior mirror attachment

Went out to check the tyre pressures yesterday morning to find the interior mirror laying on the passenger seat!

Any advice as to how this goes back on? I’ve tried gentle persuasion, but fear of ending up with a broken screen keeps me from using anything more than moderate force.

The mounting point is still attached to the windscreen. I’m assuming the mirror was removed to fit a new headlining, and hasn’t been put back on correctly.

I watched the tech replace the widscreen on my X300 several years ago.

It ‘slides’ onto the mount. A spring mechanism locks it in place.

The tech used a mallet to pop the mirror bracket donwards after the screen was off the car.

I would suspect that the catch has failed in your mirror, considering you found it on the seat.

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Thanks for this Michael.

I was rather hoping that it would clip back on somehow.
Don’t suppose you’ll know if it’s the mirror side of things that has failed by looking at the photo? I can get a photo of the bracket in the car if it helps.


I wouldn’t be able to tell you. I stayed out of his way. At the time I though it odd that the mirror was still attached to the glass. Then he tapped the base of the mirror bracket. I thought, “Cool!”

From the photo, my general experience with cars suggest the pot-metal casting has a portion broken off at the bottom.

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Ok, thanks Michael. I’ll take another look at it tomorrow again. Going to be dark here by the time I get around to it.


The interior mirror is retained in position by a plastic cover. When the mirror is removed from its’ mounting on the windscreen, the plastic cover tends to lose its integrity, causing the mirror assembly to subsequently fall off. The solution is to replace the cover. The part appears to still be available from JLR Classic Parts.

Hope this helps

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Hi, my apologies. I completely forgot about posting this.

The mirror is back on the car. I left the car at a local garage while getting a quote for some things, and when I picked the car up, he said he just clipped it back on. Must have given it a good thump though. When I tried doing so, it didn’t even look like taking.

Anyway, thanks for the assistance people. Much appreciated as usual.