Interior Panels

Can anyone help identify the panels in the pictures. Have a total of 9 pieces this count includes the trunk panel and the panels that create the map pockets on doors. This does not seem like enough panels, is it? Does anyone have templates of the 150 OTS interior that they would be willing to share?

There are three different types of vinyl used on the interior. Having trouble sourcing the very thin vinyl glue directly to wood panels. How important is it to cover the wood panels with the thin smooth vinyl?

I did not take car apart it came out of a barn in pieces without another car to look at within at least a 3-hour drive one way it is a challenge.
Car in barn - 1 200 pixel

Hi Chuck,

Try looking on the vendor websites. There are 7 pages of photos at the bottom of BAS’s website: Upholstery for Jaguar XK 150 Roadster | BAS Jaguar Trim.


I can help you out with a few templates.
My car is in the paint shop, so I have several panels removed at this time.
I have the large under dash panel, the trunk panel and door card.
Looks like you are a long way from installing anything at this time, but looks like a good project.
Send me a private message with address and E mail.

The first picture is a scuttle panel, driver side (if yours is LHD)
Third is a portion of the under-dash.

What Morris can’t supply, I probably can.
I have a full kit from OSJI for a “mid” 150 OTS (ash try on tunnel, prop rod in boot)
You can send me a PM as well

Meantime, check out BAS, they have videos that show all the pieces.