Interior Trim Codes

Greetings folks,
I am now the proud owner of a '94 XJS convertible. I’m very new to the marque, so I’m curious how I find out which interior color I have. It appears to be “Biscuit”, but I’m really not sure and I’d like to confirm. Where do I look? Thanks in advance!!!

There is a three letter code on the door VIN tag. Just tell us what it says… the one marked “TRIM”

Thanks so much for the quick reply! I am taking delivery of the car one week from next Monday. I will definitely keep you posted. Again, many thanks!!!

Jaguar Electronic Parts Catalogue has ‘A’ pages for info like this.
XJS_92-96.pdf (607.0 KB)

Thanks, Motorupdude … good to see you again on here, btw … Hope all is well over by you … :cowboy_hat_face:

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I had two 94 XJS, One was a 6,0 and a 4.0 parts donor car.
Both had the same AWF trim code but the actual color was different.
Also, some of the material was vinyl in the 4,0 where in the 6.0 it was leather.

OK, I swung by where the car is being kept today. The paint code is SDE and the trim code is AEE. I hope this helps you help me!

I just used motorcarman’s link to the trim codes. It appears that the car has the Doeskin interior, but it also looks like it is supposed to have Oyster paint. It’s clearly Flamenco Red, and other than the trim tag itself, I see no overspray anywhere else on the car. Interesting. Anyway guys, thanks so much!!!

Looks like Oyster paint and Doeskin interior