Interior Trim Colors with Twilight Blue Metallic

Someone on the saloons forum asked about the number of Mark VIIs made in Twilight Blue. I didn’t have a number for Mark VII, but I looked in the book XK120 in Detail by Anders Clausager on page 233 to see how many XK120s there were. I noticed what I believe to be a misprint under FHCs.
With OTS there were 38 cars, all with Duo-Blue trim.
With FHC there were 40 with Blue and 6 with Red, total 46 cars.
But he also shows 26 with Suede Green and 27 with Tan. I could believe the tan, but not the green, so I checked the column totals for those colors, and they don’t add up right. I believe he has accidentally put in the numbers from the Cream row into those spaces in the Twilight Blue row. If you delete those two in the Twilight Blue row, then the columns add up right.
Just making a note here for anyone who may search this color in the future.