Interior trim disaster

Hi all,

In my effort to perfectionism I screwed up…
The door frame vertical interior trim (right side) had a couple of deep scratches, by people not taking care when fitting the door card.
Thinking it was Stainless steel like all the exterior trim, I started to polish it only to discover that it was not… it’s chromed brass and now I have a nice yellow patch :frowning:

Anyone with a parts car willing to sell me that piece?

Found it at for the extravagant sum of £4 !!
Ordered both sides, hope it’s the right part.

If anyone is interested, these are the part numbers:
BAC1239 LH
BAC1238 RH

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Strange that they would put chrome on the inside but not on the outside. Glad you found the part, though, otherwise you would be looking for someone that is able to re-chrome the plastic headlight surrounds on the XJS as I am.

As good as new!!!