Interior Trim Pieces

image (List: Can anyone identify where the four pieces of interior trim shown in the attached photo belong?


It might help if you provided the year and model car that you think these parts are from.


Paul: Sorry, the pieces are from a 1971 XJ 6.

In the future, I will attempt to engage my brain before motivating my fingers.


Lower left hand corner looks like it’s from an xj6 series 1.It goes to left of steering wheel under dash.The long slot is for the choke lever

The top one runs along the RH transmission tunnel. The checked out section goes over the front seat rear support.

You mean bonnet release lever.

Lou, how is the engine build going?

That was on the right hand side of my 71 IIRC, in the same location as RHD cars. When they moved it to the left on LHD cars (72 I think, maybe 73) they had to redo the choke lever as the old location interfered with the bonnet release.

The lower right looks like it may be the trim on the left footwell. The grey material fits under the weatherstrip at the edge of the front door. Not sure, seems like it should have a cutout for the ventilator grille.

At the far right is a 1960s vintage Sears Craftsman workbench. I have a few of those still in use.

No, he meant choke lever.
You’re both right, theoretically.

However, it does not appear to be that piece either. Perhaps a variation of that year?
Wasn’t 71 the last year for the chrome dial surrounds?

Honestly, I’ve owned two S1 models, 72 and 73, both very original, studied them up and down searching out as many S1 models I can find as reference, etc, and I can’t place any of these items.

I too received a nice bundle of items in the trunk with mine. Oooh the excitement of possible rare treasures!
However none were of any use or from the car.

The choke lever on the 71 is different than the later one shown in your photo. The one in your photo was introduced in order to cohabit with the bonnet release–shown in your photo in its new position on the left (for LHD cars). The older lever was a simple steel rod and had a round knob marked CHOKE–and was far nicer IMO.

The chrome surrounds were replaced with black circa 1970…my 71 had black. The earlier cars had chrome a/c vents and a chrome scuttle vent grille, too.

My best recollection on all of this…maybe not all right.

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Stuff you learn. No XJ ever had a manual choke in the UK AFAIK. But then none had Stranglebergs either.

Correct. That’s why the interference between choke and bonnet release was moot except on LHD US models. At first, the solved the problem by leaving the release on the right. Later, they modified the choke lever, I presume because folks complained about having the release on the passenger side.

The manual chokes of those days were due to US pollution regs I believe. On startup, only so much CO was allowed. So the mixture had to be lean. Automatic chokes, common since the 1950s, couldn’t do the job. But a loophole in the law allowed manual chokes. I presume that, to be in compliance and avoid jail, the driver was supposed to tweak the manual choke so that the required lean operation was achieved–even though the engine would die. But the law was of course impossible to enforce, thereby solving the problem.

Canadian XJs had AEDs (with twin HIF6s maybe). IMHO.

I have owned series ones and twos in the UK, and can confirm XJ12 series one had a manual choke, and also series two on carbs had one two.
When I did a manual choke conversion on a series two 4.2, since changed back to AED,
I decided not to use the cable and knob that came in the kit, as it was ugly, And decided to use jaguar parts. I sourced the used parts from a jaguar breakers. I got the vinyl end panel with a slot for the choke lever, the metal dash end panel underneath, which had a choke lever mechanism and pivot, a microswitch for illuminating the “choke” legend on the lever, and another (I think), microswitch which illuminated the unused ( on UK cars ) warning light in the rev counter, Which was the choke warning light on export cars.
The parts bolted straight on, and I adapted an XJ12 cable to suit.
A little bit of wiring and a lamp and holder for the warning light and good to go.
I took it all out about ten years later, as it still gave me trouble, and Burlen started making rebuild kits.
And I do like to tinker…


You are right on. I have three units where I store tools and equipment. They are top quality. I just greased all the slides and they operate as new.

A gift from my better half one Christmas.


Hi David, It is a dedicated red pilot light on the lower left of the fascia, between the vent and the speedo. As I mentioned, the early cars had a plain choke knob, while the later one like you purchased is illuminated. The red pilot light continued through 1973. I think, but am not sure, that the choke knob illumination came on with the panel lights and was not intended to indicate that the choke was in use…the microswitch still operated the fascia-mounted light.

I’ve owned both types (71 and 73) but I can’t remember for sure about the 73. I still own the 73 but I removed its manual choke about 10 years ago.