Interior trim recommendations? (headliner, carpet, leather)

(Edward Baumgarten) #1

I’m preparing to embark on doing a complete replacement of the interior trim of my S1 FHC. It’s not a usual colour (light blue) so I will most likely need to be sending to England for the materials. I am trying to remain as close to the original build as possible (the interior has never been replaced before and is in terrible shape). My questions to the group are as follows:

  1. Who are quality suppliers for interior, carpet, and headliner material? I’m in contact with BAS International (UK) and with Suffolk & Turley. OSJI is not an option since they do not have my colour.
  2. What are the original materials for each? I understand Connolly did the leather, however they stopped production about 15 years ago; the carpets were English Wilton Wool (has this changed from the '60s?); the headliner was “West of England” 100% Wool (although I seem to remember that mohair may have used?).
  3. Were any sections vinyl, or was everything trimmed in leather?
  4. My headliner is actually in excellent shape except that it is heavily nicotine-stained; is it worthwhile cleaning or better to replace at this point?
  5. Any suggestions about using Dynamat and/or jute underfelt (either singly or in combination)?

Although I am trying to keep it as original as possible, it is not concours-level (which I can neither afford, nor want at this point–I’d rather drive it!). Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

(Mark ) #2

I did mine with a BAS UK kit and all the materials were correct and fit perfectly. I would highly recommend them. A couple of things:
-They did not send me all the underlay (jute) that was required. I had to procure my own.

  • The seat foams are harder than original and you WILL sit higher than with the original ones.
    I heard someone was prototyping softer ones…
    I installed everything except the seats and console which were done by OSJI. They did a great job and are great to work with.

(Nick Saltarelli) #3

The leather coverings in early 4.2 E-type interiors are the seat covers (seat back in matching vinyl), the shift boot, I think the console cover though not sure and for sure the console cushion cover (vinyl sides on both). Everything else is either vinyl or hardura.

(Clive Wilkinson) #4

Not many people supply the proper 1/2" thick jute underlay. I didn’t even get that in my Suffolk & Turley interior kit (although the remainder was fine). I eventually bought it from BAS in Vancouver.

(Pascal G) #5

I m in the middle of doing my series 3 FHC with a Suffolk n Turley kit purchased from Classic Jaguar

I didn’t measure the underlay but it s pretty thick i am adding additional insulation anyway so if it s only 3/8 it s no big deal.

I just wish they included some of the little things like door panel clips which while reusable often get lost over time

(Mark ) #6


BAS UK did, it was real one sided bituminous jute just like the OEM. Unfortunately they forgot to send the large rear bulk head piece.
I found a Jag restorer in Florida ( a Greek last name IIRC) who sold me a large leftover piece , he shipped it even before receiving my check (unheard of these days).


(Art) #7

I orderd a set of carpets from Aldridge in England and could not be happer especilayy with the price and quality. Although it was suppose to take 2 weeks from the time of order (they make them up for you) I received them within a week and that was from England to trhe US. You don’t
have to pay the VAT because they are being exported.

Aldridge Trimming Ltd

Castle House

Drayton Street


West Midlands


tel: 0044 (0)1902 710805

fax: 0044 (0)1902 427474


(Edward Baumgarten) #8

Thanks all. I am trying to get this interior renovation right since it’s more than likely the only time I will do it (just in time for its 53rd birthday).

  1. Suppliers: Does anyone have experience with materials from John Skinner Ltd or GAHH (US)? BAS UK has been very responsive, however their carpet material is not Wilton. Suffolk & Turlow has been less responsive. (I’m assuming that M&C Wilkinson re-sells their material and does not manufacture.)
  2. Underlay: My installer is a big fan of using Dynamat, so I’m thinking of using that in combination with the jute underlay. Any thoughts, suggestions, recommendations?
  3. Concours: It turns out that because my interior has never been renovated before, it’s not unreasonable to do it at a concours level. Does this change the suppliers that I’m considering? Who is best for A) hides and vinyl, B) carpets, C) headliner? Am I forgetting anything?

Thanks again for the responses to date.

(69 FHC ) #9

I used Eastwood’s X-mat. Essentially the same stuff as Dynamat; super sticky butyl rubber with an aluminum backing. between that and the carpet I used jute padding similar to this: