Interior upholstery glue

(Randy Brand) #1

I was disappointed after buying my 96 VDP when the headliner started sagging. Equally disappointed when I upgraded to the wonderful 04 VDP and it totally fell. Just bought a 08 XK and am noticing that the A-pillar cover and dash cover (in the valleys) appears to be delaminating. More apparent with certain lighting, so I missed it on the buyers inspection. This does not seem to be an issue with Fords, is our climate too much drier than England? What causes this? To the best of my knowledge and from all other indications the 08 XK has always been garaged. The 04 VDP was garaged since I bought it in 2010. However the garages are not climate controlled, so can get into the 100’s. Thoughts? (clarification: these cars are in Southern California)

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Sounds like heat is affecting the bonding of the foam to headliner, could be just the supplier Jaguar used?

(tony) #3

as a general rule, in hot weather, +37C/100F the internal temp in car exceeds 65C

This is above the reccommeded temp of regular trim glues, (65C)

However, my experience suggests that level of heat will actually embrittle any foam-bonded fabric.

dark colored cars are worse

an inspection will confirm, if you can pull some trim and expose a bit of lifted fabric…if nasty dust is all about, thats the foam backing dead

I have measured roof surface temps of above 70C on my dark blue car, too hot to place your hand on…when I did the headliner, I used automotive headlining felt (has no backing) and high temp (100C) trim glue

Have replaced headliners in quite a few cars, its hot here. factory jobs usually last quite a few years though