Interior work underway, the final step!

(Pascal G) #1

Been working on the interior for the last couple of days with a Suffolk n Turley kit bought form Classic Jaguar

So far so good… I had done the seats a couple of months ago so the car could be test driven.

Only minor gripes so far is that the kit didn’t come with new seat diaphragm and trim clips. No big deal

One thing I regret is not having taken the old interior out myself but when I took the car to the body shop it wasn’t supposed to turn into a full restoration… bits and pieces have been lost along the way incl the cubby on between the front seats, a window handle and the door crash rolls and arm rest.

I ended up building a new cubby today.

Taking a few liberties along the way incl doing the center console in leather (always hated the series 3 plastic), adding a dual USB outlet, removing the ash tray. Radio console was already redone in black leather…

I had decided not to reinstall the rear bench before ordering the kit so I m building shelf instead. The boot floor boards were twisted so I m rebuilding them with marine structural foam core glasses on each side. Much lighter. Finally I m using carpet instead of vinyl for the boot floor and storage where the rear seat buses to be.

Overall all these modifications can easily be reversed but I like it this way… my way :slight_smile:

More pictures coming in the next few days.

(69 FHC ) #2

I kind of wish I’d pit in a USB plug when I make my radio console. As it is I use one that plugs into the lighter socket.

(Foggyoo) #3

I recently bought a radio/cd, that had a USB socket, plus a SD socket

(69 FHC ) #4

Can you use that socket to power a GPS? I ask because my CD player has one as well and I never thought about using t to power anything. It it would do that I’d be happy to ditch the lighter plug and use the USB in the radio.

(Foggyoo) #5

You can power most things with it

(69 FHC ) #6

That’s good to know. thanks.

(Pascal G) #7

Some USB ports on stereos can be used to charge, others can not.

These USB sockets fit in most cigaretter lighter holes and are much more reliable than cig lighter adapters which often have contact issues.

(Pascal G) #8

Laminating the boot floor boards: Divinycel foam core with glass on each side, West System epoxy. Stiff and lightweight.

(Eric) #9

Fabricating car parts on the back boat deck…excellent! I want to make a light weight, but stiff flip up bed cover for my old street rod pickup. Does that coring come in large (like 4x8) sheets? Where did you source it?

(Pascal G) #10

Yes it comes in 4x8 sheets. Various thickness and densities. I get it from a local marine distributor here in SoFl. Google Divinycel.

There is also something called Coosa board which is even stiffer and in some cases strong enough not to have to be laminated.

(Paul Wigton) #11

Nifty stuff!! Ill hafta think of… something, to make from it!

(Pascal G) #12

I built a boat using that stuff…

(Pascal G) #13

More progress. Picture of the dash with the clock removed and the twin temp gauges

(Pascal G) #14

And the new plate is on!

(Paul Wigton) #15

Clever, the dual temp gauges!

(Paul Wigton) #16

How flexible is the divinycel?

NOTE: found it on YouTube…got a used for it!

(Pascal G) #17

The thinner divinycel is pretty flexible… the thicker the more rigid. They also have a pre scored version which allows some tighter radius

I would say it s 30 to 40% more flexible than plywood

(Paul Wigton) #18

Ill make a tub cover, for my Jeepster hot rod from it. Looks fun!