Intermediate solenoid

1965 s type 3.4 auto. My car has the intermediate speed hold switch which does not seem to work. Can someone tell me where the solonoid is situated please.

Hi Robert, You need to tell us more - you say your car has the switch but not whether the speed hold has ceased working or never worked for you… I’d hazard a guess that it has never worked for you because the solenoid has been removed.
The solenoid is under the rubber cap which, in the picture provided by Tigger, has a red oil drip on it. His is good, as it is frequent that people give up on trying to stem the oil leak from the solenoid shaft and remove it and blank off the casing. I at some stage posted some images of this. It is possible to get solenoids and the rubber bellows and you may find other posts discussing the challenge of fitting it together and not leaking transmission oil. The speed hold is useful functionality so you may wish to pursue that. Good luck, Matt

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