Internet Explorer issues - and End of Support

Internet Explorer 11 not working:

We’ve received several messages from members using Internet Explorer 11 that the forums aren’t working for them after the latest update of our forum software. The symptom they see is that after clicking on a Category, the little circle/ball just keeps spinning, and the category never loads.

After performing some quick tests, I’ve confirmed that this is indeed the case. I reported this to the developers of Discourse (the forum software), and they said that they’ll look into it. As soon as they have a fix, I’ll apply it here to the Jag-lovers forums.

PLEASE NOTE: The developers also informed me that Discourse will drop all support for Internet Explorer 11 as of June of 2020. After that time, Internet Explorer 11 may or may not continue to work with Discourse, and thus the Jag-lovers forums.

Please consider switching to a more modern browser before that time.


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Wow, I thought I.E. 11 WAS the most current version … What is it? (btw, I wondered why it seemed like members weren’t replying to posts as frequently the past few days :worried:)

i had trouble trying to load some pix ,last couple days!

I mentioned it to SWMBO and she suggested I get a new lap top.

Just go to Google Chrome works fine.

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“Internet Explorer 11 is the eleventh and final version of the Internet Explorer web browser by Microsoft. It was officially released on October 17, 2013 for Windows 8.1 and on November 7, 2013 for Windows 7.”

6 years in Internet software development is like 6 decades in other fields. I would strongly urge you to upgrade to either Firefox or Chrome. Or even Microsoft Edge (though it’s generally regarded as a marginal browser). For those concerned about privacy and big data, Firefox is regarded as the best choice.



The issue we were having with Internet Explorer has been resolved. A big thank you to the developers of Discourse, who responded very rapidly with a fix.

Please note that support for Internet Explorer will still be officially dropped in June, there’s nothing we can do about that.


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Thanks Gunnar for fixing the glitch!
We are subjects of a tech industry that thrives on “planned obsolescence”. It is built into everything and there is no way to get around it. I was recently forced to buy a new phone ($1,200), because Apple would no longer support my old phone. It was only six years old!
We are stuck! “They” can decide when to “obsolete” your gadget.
Lets start a revolution. Bring out the guillotines!

The upcoming Chromium version of Microsoft Edge seems promising. It’s set to release on January 15th of next year.

  1. Why not buy a cheaper iPhone?
  2. “6 years in Internet software development is like 6 decades” applies to smartphones too, at least in most cases. You could also go the refurbished route and get a decent iPhone that’s still supported for as little as $50.

I’ve been successfully using Google Chrome for some time now.


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I see your point, and I agree to some extent. But, and there is a “but”:

We’re engaged in an arms race right now.

By “we” I mean all of us, including you. You want to keep your personal information private. Other people have discovered how valuable that information can be, and are looking to get their hands on it. Perhaps they want to sell it, or perhaps they’re looking to turn it around and use it against you.

In software development, what was “secure enough” when any given piece of software was written, is child’s play to break into six years later. Partly because the bad guys have honed their collective skills, and partly because they’ve got their hands on orders of magnitude more powerful computers and tools since then.

As anyone who’s ever programmed anything for the web will tell you, maintaining support for Internet Explorer is hard. Basically, anything involving design and UI on most web sites has to be programmed twice, once for IE and once for the rest of the browsers out there. It’s simply not worth the effort anymore, especially since even Microsoft is officially walking away from IE. It’s time the rest of us did, too.

That said, an even more important thing to remember is this:

We’re living in an age of accelerated change.

  • Amazon was founded in 1994.
  • Google was founded in 1998.
  • YouTube was created in 2005.
  • Facebook opened to the general public in 2006.
  • The iPhone was introduced by Apple in 2007.
  • Tesla started selling the Model S in 2012.

Think about that. Go back in time just 13 years and almost no one had even heard of a smartphone. Go back 25 years and there was no online economy, never mind a gig economy.

Since the original iPhone was introduced, computing power has exploded. You can do things on a modern iPhone, even an entry-level model, that are simply impossible to do on the original iPhone. Things that many of us now rely on in our everyday lives.

Trying to bring this over into the world of cars, it’s like comparing the Ford Model T to a Bugatti Chiron. Or perhaps to a Tesla Model S. On the surface they’re almost the same, and they perform the same functions. But once you go under the hood, it’s a completely different world.

There are over 110 years worth of incremental innovation and development between the two cars, but only 12 years between the two smartphones. That’s the reality we’re living in right now.

That’s the context for Nick saying that six years is an eternity in software development. I can’t speak for Apple and your phone, but software developers in general don’t plan for obsolescence. They build something the best way they know how, at the time they’re building it, for the hardware that’s available to them.


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Well said! You brought up some really good points! :+1:

@gunnar, I highly recommend making an offical announcement (or update of some sort) regarding Discourse ending support for Internet Explorer 11. They’ve released an official roadmap which explains what’ll happen between now and June.

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