Introducing my 78 XJ6


My name is Romain, I live in France, I’m 38, and a die hard classic american cars fan.
Daily drive is a 97 Tahoe, and I also have a 72 Monte Carlo.
XJ’s have grown on me for the last decade and I took the plunge and bought a 1978 XJ6.

It was originally sold in Belgium, undercarriage was coated with rust protection by the dealer.
Car was 41.000 miles when I got it. It hasn’t run much for the last 3 years according the seller (and I guess it must be more than that!).

Obviously, it needs some love, but it’s still a pleasure to drive!


Lovely car, great colour, great picture!
Good luck,


Welcome to Jag-Lovers. You have come to the right place for appreciation and help with your beautiful 1978 XJ6. Is the exterior paint color Cotswold Blue?


Bienvenue Romain.

Nice car, nice colour, looks great.
Where are you in France? I’m in the Vaucluse.
All the best.

Hi Paul, exterior color code is Squadron Blue!

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Hey Aristide, I’m not too far away. I’m located in Greater Lyon area.

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