Introducing my XJ aka Willain

Hello from Germany.
First of all I would like to apologize for the bad english.
I use the google translator but I hope it’s still ok for you and you understand me.
I would like to introduce you to my Jaguar.
Since I’m not a professional but just my hobby, everything takes much longer for me.
I am working on my darling since 2015 but it will be ready soon.
Just a few more little things, then the cleaning will be done properly again and I have two more products from Liqui Moly that I will test.
The last and most important thing are the rims.
I have a favorite but maybe you guys have ideas and tips for me.
For example, whether 17 or 18 inches.
I look forward to nice conversations with you.
I tried to add more photos but it doesnt work - sorry.
Willain - the White Villain

My Favorite:



My personal tastes say never use a larger wheel than 16".
I’ve seen a few XJ6 Series III’s around here with larger wheels.
They all look like low riders and very ‘blingy’.

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Thank you for your opinion.
Do you happen to have any pictures of XJ’s with 17 or 18 rims?
Do you know the XJ from the Iron Maiden drummer?
It has 18 inch rims and that looks cool.
On the other hand, the car also has something like a body kit and that also makes the rims look good.


A few more and I hope

you enjoy them


Welcome to you! Mostly here we know each other’s first names and location. You can put these details in your profile, when you get a moment.
With an XJ you have to ensure the wheel offset is correct. I have a set of XK8 (they were given to me) wheels that interfere with the lower ball joint when mounted. In Australia it is against the law to use spacers between the hub and the wheel, so I could never use them.
Your car is very beautiful!

Your car appears to be highly restored with some custom finishes.
Any change in wheel geometry might have negative handling effects.
My preferences are always keeping things stock.

My Name ist Alex an i am from Germany


I saw this photo and it looks so good.
What did you guys think?

Over the top. One year ago I would have written “like the Queen on high heels” . I wouldn’t have told you, but since you asked for opinions …

All XJ cars are beyond wire wheels time wise and wire wheels are somewhat stressed with two tonnes of steel - even with 72 spokes. If anything you might want the wider 16" BBS lattice wheel sold for later XJS or the rims used by Arden. They look period and will work with the suspension setup.

Good luck and finish that nice car!


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

that’s my concern too
I don’t know what the weight of the rims is
the manufacturer cannot provide any information
they have 100 spokes

I would be very happy about pictures of your cars.

Willkommen, Alex, ich werde das Gleiche für dich tun, indem ich Englisch ins Deutsche über Google Translate verwandle!

Ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher, ob das sehr gut sein wird, aber ich habe Ihren Beitrag sicherlich verstanden. Willkommen in der Gruppe, und ich mag die geschmackvolle und große Liebe zum Detail an Ihrem Auto.

Too much wheel diameter, too small a sidewall.

My xj6 was the nicest all round riding and handling car I have owned. It was on 15 inch rims. The stock chrome 15 inch rims from the series 1 and 2 look great and suit the car. Going bigger will likely affect the handling negatively in my opinion.

The handling and the comfort are guaranteed to be a bit worse, but I could live with that because I really don’t drive much and the look is more important to me
but the car still has to be safe.
By the way, I’m glad you like the car.
i have pretty much every one
Replaced screw and spared no work or effort.
i like details and the details distinguish good ones
cars of champions
do we have anyone here who happens to run big rims on their XJ?

Looks like the love child of Browns Lane and Star Wars. Bill Lyons would be horrified.

I quite like the wheels that you have - can see one in one photo. Here they were called “hotwires”. I have a S1 with later Kent wheels. Same dimensions as the original steel wheels, so no difference on the road.


Were any mods required to fit the Kent’s on a S1? I thought I’d read somewhere they didn’t fit directly on S1/early S2? Vague recollection it was something to do with brake changes on the front?? Could be misremembering (or worse!)

Ultimately, that’s all that counts: not my cuppa, but, vive la difference!

Nope, they’re a straight up fit. Jagara in Carinbah/Sydney sold them to me for $75 per corner six or seven years ago.

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That car is fantastic and yours is as well. Really nicely done! I am curious how you changed the color of the fan shroud and other plastic pieces in the engine compartment to white?