Subject: Introduction

Over this past Winter, I was able to acquire a 1962 FHC

Congrats, and welcome!

Regards, Ron Wanless

'66 Lotus Elan S2

-cool, my second favorite car in all the world - what an absolute blast to
drive! I’d be interested in your comparison of the E-type and the Elan.

Mark McChesney
'65otsOn May 22, 7:09am, Ron Wanless wrote:

My name is Ron Wanless and I live in the Rideau Lakes district of
eastern Ontario, Canada.
Over this past Winter, I was able to acquire a 1962 FHC (885732). The
body and interior had been restored and the engine re-built. However,
the remaining mechanicals have required a bit of sorting out. After 3
months of virtually full-time effort, we are now on the road and sorting
out the more minor items.
While my primary interest is in the driving of this car, I am also
extremely interested in originality. I look forward to assistance from
the members of this forum, as well as being a contributor.–
Regards, Ron Wanless Phone: 613-359-1013
Elgin, Ontario, CANADA email: @Ron_Wanless
'61 Jaguar Mk 2
'62 Jaguar E-type Coupe
'66 Lotus Elan S2

Hello all:

My name is Nick Saltarelli, production manager in a paper mill, Ontario,
Canada. II have been a member of the XK list for several months and decided
to give this one a go. I own two Jaguars, a 1954 XK-120SE OTS, into year six
of an on-again-off-again ground up restoration, and a 1968 E-type OTS which
I bought and restored 15 years ago when I was a youthful 30 - I still think
she’s the most beautiful machine I have ever seen. Anyway, I know both cars
fairly well, especially the E, and will be happy to contribute as well as
learn from the rest of you.

regards … Nick

1968 E-type Series 1 1/2 OTS
s/n 1E18311, manufactured July, 1968