iPace workshop manual/ CD Rom 2020

Does anyone know whether there is a workshop manual available for the new 2020 iPace? We have done 20,000km in ours so far and a few minor problems incl wheel alignment. Jag dealer who sold it to us new has no iPace knowledge and first scheduled service is three years away! I have had Jags for 40 years and always had the manuals and tech specs to do my own work where I could. Jag-lovers has always been great too. I like to know how things work and am particularly interested in the motor/transmission/diff four wheel drive setup.

Check the I pace forum I posted in the “Juddering” thread.

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My dealer knew nothing and because the technology is so cutting edge and CHANGING every day.
They keep everything under wraps.
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On modern cars, I’m beginning to think I’m unqualified for that.


Thanks for the very useful iPace forum link, where I found this article which answered my motor/drivetrain question and also shows that the transmission will still need an oil change one day.
I have not found a factory service manual yet though.


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Still no luck with finding an official iPace workshop/repair manual. However here is an excellent overview of the front and rear suspension system. There is also a link in there to a similar view of the Porsche Taycan 800v suspension for those of you interested in comparison.

Interesting:,one clear indication that brakes/braking is thought of, radically differently, is that the fairly large brakes are referred to as to as “modest.”

Nice looking stuff.