IRS and differential options

Yes, David. That was the LT77 5 speed box used on Rover P6 and Landrovers. Getrags were never original in Jags; it’s just that they seem to fit nicely. Originally, the Getrag 5 speed boxes were mated to E types. No reason to believe they don’t work on series XJs.

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75 XJ6 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Until the AJ6/16 engine came along.

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Not quite, the LT77 was beefier ‚police spec‘. Not as strong as the Jaguar gearbox but a real 5 speed.

XJ-S 3.6 and XJ40 3.6 had all Getrags from factory. Not sure whether there were changes in the 4.0 series of both models.