Irs bearing renew

rear wheel wobble up and down back and forth are ther any issues renewing that i should be aware of ? thanks in advance

Stub (inner) axle ‘deep-groove’ ball bearings?
Outer hub lower fulcrum bearings?
Outer hub ‘wheel’ bearings ONLY?
More diagnosis please.

bearings for inner and outer ordered not here yet should be today sometime havent removed carrier have removed rotor and will disconnect e brake cable whenn axle is removed ? thats where i am wheel has way to much play in all directions and noticed metalic noise and slight vibration

i also ordered nut and wheel spacer not sure how to set this up
and havent seen the condition of the stub axle but when the axle nut was removed it appeared that it was reused so this isnt its first rodeo

bearing and seal kit are skf ordered from parts geek

You might need to source a stub axle as well. When my X308 went bad it chewed the bearing surface.
It might be easier to source a 2nd hand hub unit.

just got the parts will be looking closely thanks for the heads up take care

is there a washer for the axle nut ? the parts people didnt have one

Arian …

This video is for a rear hub on an XJ-S but I believe it should still apply. Hopefully this will help.

i have the axle nut washer looked without my glasses have the carrier as well as the e brake with cable loose on the pivot i am having a time getting the bolt removed both nuts are loose it just wont come out of the carrier used hammer still nothing any ideas? thanking you in advance

Try taking one of the nuts off and use washers to pack the shaft then replace the nut and use that to try to draw the shaft out. It may be sufficient to break the adhesion.

i will give that a go thank you

? will it matter which one to pack

The one that has the best clearance, its a while since I was in that area so not sure if one side has more clearance thats the other?

twards the tail i wasnt sure if the fully threaded end was different then the end with the nipple on it

seems to working it is a tuff pull will continue till i get it i put a vice grips on the nipple using that braced on the floor to keep pivot rod from springing in the carrier thanks looks like a plan

the carrier bolt has been removed!!

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i have jaguars cd but cant open it on my computer it is a 64 bbit os and the cd is for a 32 bit os looking to remedy that i have hub carrier out is there a trick to remove the wheel hub from carrier to get at the bearings ?

Toward not being able to open the CD, what error are you seeing?

i can get to contents of the cd thats it cant open anything on it puter is 64 bit cg is formatted at 32 bit