Is an XJ6 Series One rear suspension halfshaft identical to a 1969 E-Type halfshaft?

I am replacing mine to get a better spline as loctite only stopped my hub clicking problem for two years before the clicking started again. I will only use the part circled in the photo. Please ignore that the photo title says V-12 halfshafts!
69 OTS

Hi Dennis,
That part for XJ6, XJ12, XJS and other models with similar IRS units, are the same as all models of E Type, so it wouldn’t matter if the half shafts in your picture were from a V12.


Is that correct? I agree that XJ6, XJ12 and XJS are the same, but S type has a narrower rear track, and all S1 and S2 E types narrower again. Surely that means shorter lower arms and halfshafts. I know S Type rear ends were in much demand by the hot rod fraternity as the track was more suitable to their applications and avoided the expense of shortening the components.

Dennis is only using the splined part of the universal joint, not the whole half shaft assembly. The splined component is common to all, the Dog Bone is not.


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Thanks for all the comments!!

Sorry, didn’t read properly. :slightly_smiling_face: