Is anyone familiar with this front disc brakes conversion kit?

Hello all,

Wondering if anyone has experience with this kit:

It’s the “Wilwood Front Brake Conversion” kit sold by XK’s Unlimited (now Moss) for XK120 or XK140. Less expensive than the other conversion kit they sell and promises a “totally bolt on conversion that’s completely reversible any time you wish.”

Any input on it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Yes, I have it on mine. Bolts on without modifications exactly as they say. Still, I’m saving all of my old pieces in case I decide to go back to stock. The one thing I didn’t like about it was the raised “Wilwood” lettering on the calipers. Obnoxious. So I milled them off on my vertical mill and painted them high-heat black. Coarse and fine files would achieve the same effect. Did something similar with my “GAZ” shocks. I didn’t like the looks and smell of the stinky vinyl rubber top shroud so I made a pair of steel exactly like the originals. I guess I’m anal that way.

I installed the kit on what is still just a rolling chassis so I can’t comment from experience on performance. The kit bolts on without modification so the car can be easily returned to original for a price. From appearance, it is not the most powerful setup imaginable. The disk is not vented and the calipers are not oversized, but I suspect (hope?) they will still outperform drums. The name Willwood on the calipers doesn’t bother me, but a can of caliper paint is probably all you need to make the name less noticeable. I did paint the read drums silver to better match the disks in the front.

Thank you for your quick replies. Would either of you be able to upload pictures of your installation?

Much appreciated!

Here are some photos showing the installation. I don’t have any with just the hub and disc. I was too anxious to throw wheels on the chassis. The kit came with yellow zinc nuts and bolts which I like to stay away from because they are so glaringly not original, but given that the entire installation is not original I went with it.



Thanks for the pictures. Looks great!



Some follow up questions. Did you have to press the bearings into the splined hubs or did they come with that already done? Is your brake lines installation what came with the kit? Reason I ask is that it doesn’t look like the installation pictured on the website. That one has metal hoses attaching the brake line to the caliper and it looks like your brake lines attach directly to the calipers.


Another option is offered by Zeus.

That 90 union on the calliper looks like a tapered pipe thread fitting to me - shouldn’t it have a banjo type with copper washers?

Chet, Yes, I had to press the bearings onto the new hubs. The brake line installation is the one XKS supplied with the kit. My vague recollection is that I was told the new brake line with the 90 degree connector was intended to make the hard line unnecessary. The instructions I received reference cutting the existing hard line, and making a new union with it, but they also reference parts necessary for that installation that were not included in the kit. I don’t see why the shortened hard line would be necessary and it would add a potential leak point.

Just put these on my ‘51 OTS. Bolts right on without mods out of the box. I ground down the logo and pained them gold with high temp paint to match OEM color on the original 150 calipers. Car not finished so I can’t speak to stopping dynamics.

Thanks everyone! Great information.