Is it me, or am I the only one being shocked by the prices being asked?

I never was impressed with the XJS from the first time my neighbor drove one home back in the 70’s. He told me it was in the shop more than at his home or on the road. Now, when looking on Marketplace and Craigslist and even Ebay, people are asking outrageous prices for the cars. Are people really buying these cars at these prices? As some of you know, I picked one up a few weeks back for $500, and can find them around here for not much more than that. True, the brake pedal is on the floor, but the car is decent for a 92 model with 50-something thousand miles on it. I would like to hear from some of you on this topic.

Willing buyer, willing seller…that’s what prices are.

Now, 500 dollars for a complete car with running engine - that’s shocking!! Even with the brakes out.

My $0.02


Yes, I thought so at the time, and will give the brakes an honest try. I have read up on the Teves system and it is not that different than those used on many American cars. The high-pressure issue is there, of course, but if the accumulator is shot, that will not be an issue. I will put the car on the ‘to do’ list and when it cools off here, I will try to address the issue. In the alternative, that good running engine may bring a good dime from a ‘needy’ owner of one with a shot engine. My understanding is that the engines cost a fortune to rebuild.

A lot of UK cars have serious (as in very expensive to fix) rust/corrosion issues. Jaguar made 110,000 of these things - they aren’t rare. Without an MOT in the U.K. - the average XJS HE is very rarely more than £1,500 ($1,800).

We don’t really have Craigslist or bring a trailer in the U.K. but there are plenty of comedians (buyers & sellers) on eBay here.



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It’s only a small fortune…:grimacing:

Must be something to do with the cost of new parts from jaguar. I.e new xjs genuine front RH fender £1000

Here are three reference points from a recent classic car auction in North Carolina. I personally thought the 95 model would go in the $16-$17K range with only 36K miles and rare color for a facelift model.[ftx_search_cont]=jaguar&q[year_lteq]=2002&utf8=✓


Pretty crazy seeing the prices on BAT. I purchased my 1989 convert for $2500 and sold it for $3900 to some guy overseas last month. Looks like he’s buying up all the XJS in the west coast actually and shipping them overseas. Making it hard for me to find another one and the raising price :sleepy:

Seems like clean '94-'96 XJS cars are getting good money and will continue to do so. Personally I’d prefer a clean pre-facelift coupe if I bought another XJS. Anyway, people tend to overpay on bring a trailer from my experience, and not just on a Jaguar XJS. Maybe it’s the excitement of the auction or the presentation. Plenty of Jaguars on ebay and craigslist are way overpriced and go unsold, at least at the advertised price.

I’ve got five nice ones and they were never more than $6000. 95 convertible $3500 103k on clock, good car. 92 convertible 84k $5500 and absolutely mint a year ago. 92 coupe $3500 maybe 80k, very nice car two year ago 83 XJS coupe $2750 and the crazy lady insisted it was a “gift” but nobody else was buying it… most I paid ever was $6000 for an 87 coupe in 1996. It was only 9 Years old at the time. You can do some great Craigslist to BaT arbitrage if you cared to.

I see your in New Hampshire, I did notice the asking prices on the east coast was far less then what the west coast is asking for. I hope the days of finding a >$5000 clean jaguar aren’t over

I bought a 1996 XJS for $3000 in Jan ‘19. Roof quit working and the driver’s window wouldn’t work. 77k miles on it (now 83k).

Cleaned the switch and the windows work. The top is disconnected from the rams and is now manual. The rear quarters are operated through the roof switch.

I added an oil catch can and replaced the tps with a modded one. This vehicle runs great! It’s starting to run a little hot, but a new fan clutch keeps it at bay when driving for long periods of time.

The car gets lots of looks and praise. Love the wood steering wheel!

The looks and praise thing is getting out of hand. Drove the black convertible to Taco Bell At lunch Friday and got two compliments there and a third within the half hour at a red light. Leave me alone and let me look fabulous in peace :wink:

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