Is it possible to handbrake drift? Also just me ranting

Hey y’all! Haven’t been here in awhile as I’ve been busy lately, I opened an eBay store and I got back to school, so my schedule is basically full. When I do have free time, it’s normally spent driving or driving far distances to either explore abandoned buildings or antique shop for resale on my store.

Recently I may have been banned from my local Walmart for doing donuts behind the store, and regardless of being banned from Walmart, I was also upset because the donuts were terrible, the car is able to put the power out and go sideways, but the standard brakes aren’t good enough to keep me on a stable drift. I know I could use the handbrake but in the xjs, because of our weird layout of the handbrake, I don’t know if it would be possible to actually pull of such a maneuver.

Also for reference I wouldn’t have done donuts in the condition my car was in last time I was on here, so since I have put in thousands of dollars fixing everything mechanical on the car down to the wiring witch wasn’t terrible, but if I were fixing everything else I might as well do more than what was needed.

I’ve also realized just how much of a money pit this car can be, if you were to take the value of this car in pristine condition, untouched from the factory, and subtracted what I’ve spent, you would be close to $20,000. I’ve never been good at saving money but it amazes me how I actually had spent more than I thought I could ever make in just a year and a half. 10k!!! So I have a message here: pay attention to how much you spend. 10k would have gotten me 1/4 of a year at my dream college.

Anyways enough ranting, my main question was if I could drift or do a handbrake turn in an xjs because of the weird way the handbrake works. Like how you put it on and off

Yeah, weird handbrake. Most of us aren’t concerned with donuts, though. Is your problem with the handbrake the fact that it’s between the driver’s seat and the door? Or the fact that you can set it and then the handle falls back down?

The handbrake handle just pulls a cable, which is the same thing any handbrake handle does. So I guess you could check out handbrake handles in the junkyard and find one you can replace the OEM handle with, so you end up with a handbrake that works more conventionally. Of course, it’ll look kinda weird getting in and out of the car with the brake set.

You might also be able to relocate the handle to somewhere more convenient, in the console or some such, but you’ll probably have to do some serious revision to the console. You may also need to find a longer handbrake cable.

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Grab hydraulic handbrake kit, FIA approved - you can hook it into genuine hydraulic brake system. Job done and will fly like a jet. Each time the same way, every time.

Or, go steer brake. Plumb it in to the rear service brakes. OK if out board. Not sure as to inboards.

Way back when, I decided to adjust the mechanical brakes on my 31 Studebaker. Rear bias seemed to make sense???

Test. Oh yeah, a 180 !!!1 Scared me a bit. Rethought and redid…

Donuts aka side shows are in great disfavor around here. cops bring in the flat beds, cat gone…

If you have inboard brakes forget it, you would probably end up ripping the pads off the backing plate, second if the car is auto then you start placing strain on the transmission.

It seems at least 90% of the cars is more suitable for this type of evolutions. Are you aware that 90% of XJS owners remembers when The Beatles were born? What your friends gonna say… If you’re willing to find a girlfriend before 30th birthday - better swap it to something with decent sofa on the back…

Anyway… To find ultimate solution - install two 155/65/15 tyres on the back. You’ll be learning real sports like drifting instead of eating sugar :wink:

Alright I’ll be sure to check that out, dope

What is this post about…hogwash or what

Us old fogies think that a tire that slips is out of tread.

Yup, the inboard handbrake pads are fragile. Twice I’ve had to change them because the pad separated from the backing plate, without any misuse on my part. And such a pain to replace. Never regretted switching to outboard brakes.

Unless you make the recommended upgrade and forget about the Jag parts. Buy some generic brake pads for some tiny Japanese econobox and cut them to the right shape to fit.

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good idea, and yeah some of my parts are already non-jaguar and are more modern but still fit as, I hate to say it, but jaguars aren’t known for their reliability