Is it possible to take back a flag?

At an emotional moment ( 3 young adult children with Covid-19 ) I flagged another lister’s post as inappropriate. Is there any way to undo or remove the flag? Thanks

Perhaps it’s the same as the “like” button? As the initiator if you click on it again it reverses it.

Beats me, but why don’t you try to flag this post and see if you can unflag it. I’m sure the moderators will see the flag, read the post and realize it was just a test.

Hi Tom,

Sorry to hear about the Covid diagnosis, I hope your family is doing well.

There’s nothing currently flagged, so I guess the post in question has already been dealt with.

In the future, just let @moderators know, and they can hit “Ignore” on the flag. Which is probably what happened in this case anyway, unless the post was in clear breach of our rules.


Gunnar, thanks all recovered

Good to hear the flag already ignored.