Is Pete Groh still in business? I need keys

(Mitchell Andrus) #1

I sent Pete an email and got a response, he can make my keys. I sent an order email and a check on 9/17. A followup email on 10/16 has gone unanswered.

I really couldn’t care less about the money, but I only have one of each key for my car. If He’s not going to help me, is there anyone else cutting/making keys based on the original numbers?

(Eric) #2

I got some from XKS.

(Geo Hahn 1969 Series 2 OTS) #3

Mitch, The Roadster Factory in PA got a whole bunch of NOS keys cut to codes. These are original keys, not new cuts.

See this page and the ones that follow…

(Bob Faster) #4

I just bought another set from Pete last month. ordered 9/27 and he mailed them to me in a week or so.

(PeterCrespin) #5

He may have been flooded although he’s not at the bottom of the hill where Ellicot City got it bad a while back.

(Mitchell Andrus) #6

Thanks Geo. They have both that I need… I’ll wait another week before ordering.

Great resource.

(Mitchell Andrus) #7

Eric, I searched all the usual places. XKs has nothing searchable for keys. I passed on sending an email in favor of Pete. I prefer to patronize smaller suppliers, I hunt them out if the big guys don’t seem to have what I’m after.