Is Scrapper's Engine Toast?

Hi guys, I haven’t posted on this particular forum in a few years, ever since I sold my '96 X-300 (“Scrapper”) to a reverend lady in my office building. :church:

After selling Scrapper to her present owner w. 150K or so miles on her, the rev. decided she wanted to have a butch of cosmetic interior and exterior work done on same, including a repaint. She had searched around for local people and shops that would - b/c she was a “lady of the cloth” - do the work for little or no $$, over time. :pray: To make a long story short, this process culminated with Scrapper sitting in an outdoor storage lot at a small local shop for over two years, after she had received her repaint. From what we gather, they had not bothered to even start the car up again throughout that time. :thinking:

Even a reverend’s patience finally being at an end, she had Scrapper towed to her house, having discovered she would not start at the shop at all. She has had several mechanics (some are shop owners) come by her house w. tools and scanners in hand (friends that she knew from the past) and examine the car, trying to diagnose her no-start condition. :thinking: At least three of them concluded, after trying totally in vain to even budge the motor by hand using the usual large socket + LONG handle extension (one of which even poured the usual small amount of oil into the cylinders via spark plug holes) that the engine had simply “set up too long” w/o having been run and was totally and irreversibly frozen up as a result. :frowning_face: My suspicions are that at least one of those three may have been looking to either sell her a rebuilt AJ16 engine (if that is even possible) or rebuild it himself, to make $$. :money_mouth_face: I had always assured the rev. that the AJ16 was one of the most “bulletproof”, if not THE most (well, maybe next to the AJ6) engine in the modern Jag line. :triumph: Scrapper was also running perfectly fine when I sold the cat to her. I find it hard to believe that the engine would be totally trashed just b/c it had not been started during that period.

Just last week rev. had yet another past acquaintance, a very-experienced auto tech (although, like the others, not a Jag expert, per se) take a shot at Scrapper. He’s thinking that there may just be an issue with her starter or the wiring going to same. So, that puts us back to square one. :roll_eyes: I just can’t believe though it could be a starter-related issue when apparently the motor won’t even budge by hand (assuming all of the other techs were telling the truth). :thinking:

So what do you guys think? :conf

Take the plugs out and squirt some ATF down the bores and let it sit for a few days and then see if the engine will turn over.

Hmmm. As mentioned, that was already tried without success, using engine oil. Will using ATF instead make a difference? :confused:

Sorry missed the part about the engine oil, I think you will find ATF is a bit more aggressive, you could also add some acetone 50/50 mix down the bores.

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Time to bury the dead…
Have a nice Catholic funeral and collect 300 dollars from the scrapper

Wash your mouth out with soap as my mother would say.

Now that’s real Irish Catholic!:grinning:

Having the engine in Neutral is step 1 to checking turnability but often forgotten.

I have a spare 1970/ XK engine that has sat out in the weather for about 4 years that still turns by hand. I just installed a cast iron LT1 engine that had sat in a barn forever and started up fine. An X300 engine sits under a hood and has a closed throttle plate at rest. It cannot seize IMO merely by 2 years standing in running condition when left. A blown leaking head gasket would be different, but with a closed hood and temperate/warm climate, I think not.

Not so critical with an Auto :slight_smile:

A sorry attempt at humour as I’m a Welsh Methodist (MANY years lapsed!).