Is that an SS Tourer in the 1937 Movie "Bulldog Drummond Escapes"?

Hello all,

Below is a link to the entire movie. I am not an expert but just what kind of car is it? The tourer appears in the movie a lot so you won’t have to search much to see it. The door cards (upholstery) looks like an SS with the sun ray motif, right? It has the divided rear seats too. I can’t see the SS castings on the side of the windscreens because it’s a poor copy of the movie. I know though that a whole lot of other folks will see more than I do. I looked in the archives here and I sure thought this has been discussed before, maybe not.

Whatever the case, I have loved watching this movie a few times. What a time, what a car.

It’s an SS One Tourer. AXP is a London registration for January 1934


Naw, can’t be an SS, the windshield wipers work; or maybe it is, the tail light doesn’t work. :wink:
Anyway, well done Gary and Peter, a great find. I wonder if AXP 512 is still around?


With a Jaguar Grille? should be a very late SS1 tourer or a Jaguar Tourer?
but it has black instrument faces and chrome edge wheels which says its an SS1