Is the late 4.2 oil sump baffle painted or not?

The finned oil sump came with what appears to have been sandblasted baffle. Were these painted or bare metal?

The baffle is unpainted, AFAIK.

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You really don’t want paint on the baffle, it is bathed in oil and all paint will only end up in the filter or the sieve at the oil pump pickup. Serves no purpose :slightly_smiling_face:

So, unpainted it will be.

Not necessarily true: the inside of most 70s and 80s Japanese oil pans were painted black, and properly applied, it doesn’t come off. It also helps with heat transfer.

That said, it’s very difficult to get that level of preparation correct on the baffle, so just best to leave it the way it was, and that’s unpainted.


Sure, and I understand the concept of Glyptal, but better to leave it naked. Did not think there was a reason to paint oil pans, the more you know…
The other question is, is sandblasting a concern, generally? Can sand bed in the material, especially the aluminium, and eventually work out- or is it no big deal?

I understand that the aluminium is porous and will sweat a lot of oil when heated even if cleaned, so the fine dust might collect in those pores. I don’t trust sand blasting.

Blasting steel isn’t a danger, if properly blown clean and rinsed: doing so on an aluminum casting requires more thorough cleaning afterwards, but it isn’t ‘dangerous’ to do.

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Here the baffle fitting test, after altering the XJ6 pickup pipe to fit my XKE sump.


A brilliant use of a cell phone!

Come to think of it - where‘s my iphone? And my flashlight? :slight_smile:

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