Is the lower steering column supposed to telescope?

I am in the process of replacing the front frame rails on my '69 SII car. I already changed the right side. I am clearing away all the things that will snag when my left side is ready to come out. One thing is the lower steering column. I have it out now, but I was wondering if the lower section between the upper and lower U-joints is supposed to be able to telescope? It definitely has an upper and lower section that looks like it should slide in and out at the middle, but my rod is frozen and won’t slide at all. Please advise…Thanks!

Hello kassaq,
It should have the potential to telescope, but should not freely telescope without a load being applied. This is the collapsible feature of the steeling column and is held in the extended position by nylon shear components.



Thank you Bill, that confirms what I was able to glean from doing a little research. I was able to easily get the lower column out, but only after a bit of work taking the bolts out of the U-joints, and the two half-inch bolts on the upper column, then loosening the 9/16 bolts to get the upper column to slide back towards the driver’s seat a little bit.