Is the Rear Seat the Same in a 71 and 73 XJ6?

I have asked this question before, but for obvious reasons I would like to confirm. Before I change the color of the rear seats in my 71 XJ6 from black to yellow, will the rear seats from 71 XJ6 fit a 73 XJ6? Last summer I tested the front seats and found that one mounting point on the front passenger seat was further forward on the 73 than on the 71

Has anyone fitted the rear seats from a 71 into a 73?


Hi Lou,

The seats will swap out without issue. The basic geometry inside the car didn’t change. You’re good to go. I swapped later series II seats into my early series II car. No problem.


Thank you for the reassurance. I should have tried fitting them in the later car before I went through the trouble of repainting the four seats. However, now that I am finished, about fifteen minutes ago, I am relieved to heat that there should be no difficulty in fitting the seats.