Is there a 1/4 window motor alternative?

So I think both of my window motors basically crapped out. I have them on switches, and they worked fairly well for a while, then my left one started acting up. It ended up stopping all together, then my right one just decided to stop working too. I’m getting power at the connectors, but no motion. I did have an issue with my right one before, and removed the rubber buffer inside, and it started working fine before. I put them on switches because they worked intermittently at best in auto. Has anyone found a new motor that will fit and work, even if it means adding a different connector?

Contact Cabriolet Hydraulics in Sarasota, FL…They will rebuild at fraction of replacement costs.

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I pulled the 1/4 window motors out of my 89 convertible early this year.
One was not working.
Both motors were really in good condition, even the brushes had plenty of life.
They did need cleaning up.
I think the one that stopped was a problem with the rubber spider.
After some TLC both motors work fine.

If you go back to the following thread starting about Apr 15 there is info on the issue.
Quite possibly nothing wrong with your motors once cleaned up and the rubber spider
put back with suitable rubber grease.

Convertible top cylinder ( ram )

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I have had my right one out, cleaned it up, and regreased it. However I left out the rubber spider since mine had twisted and had jammed the motor. The assembly is a little bit of a pain to get out and back in, at least I thought it was, which is why I was thinking if I pulled them to just put on a new alternative motor. I did find the part number for the left at least, was used from 92-06 in the XJS, and the xk8 convertible. I’m thinking it was a Bosh motor, but I don’t remember what the Bosh number was. I have considered having my local electric motor shop look at them, but I just thought I’d ask if anyone has found an alternative motor