Is there a recommended model year for most reliable?

I rather like the XF for its size and design inside and out, and for years, I have considered buying a used one as an occasional vehicle. I am USA based, so my question relates to models built to specs available in the US (thus, no diesels, small engine sizes, etc.)

Assuming that a model has had proper maintenance and care, and that I was comparing models in excellent condition, are there certain years / generations to avoid due to engineering or manufacturing flaws? Certain engines?

My perception is that the vehicles developed under TATA are actually quite qood, whereas someone I discussed this matter with vehemently disagreed with this belief. Anyways, thanks in advance, and let the insults (or better yet, praise) fly…

I don’t believe it makes much difference. Each year has their quirks and shortfalls. I’ll say this… the most recent cars won’t have some of the issues that the mk1 cars had, but cost cutting on materials when the cars were build negates that in my opinion. For me, the options on the car makes a much bigger difference than the year.

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Thanks for the input, Brett. I remember seeing videos about electrical issues on the earliest models. I am so old school honestly that options aren’t really an issue in my situation. I originally had in mind the V8 engines being “tried and true”, which probably is the case, but at least a couple of sources seem to indicate that the Ingenium is an excellent powerplant. I am one of those people who rather get something toward the end of the a product’s lifecycle with the issues worked out through the frustrations of other owners experiences rather than take a chance on the latest advanced item.

…and then I google “Ingenium engines” and the horror stories flow… Which is why I asked the original question because when you ask something so general like this, you get all sorts of different answers. At the moment, it sounds like the Ford-ownership designed V8s may be the prefered choice for long-term ownership.

Just my two cents, but I think the electrical issues plague every year in similar numbers, at least based off what I’ve read in the different Jaguar forums. Electrical issues have been practically the only issue I’ve had on my car, but other people report not having them. Luck of the draw I guess.

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I appreciate it Brett! It may be “two cents”, but copper is worth more than that! The more information I get from others, particularly owners like yourself, the better informed my decision will be when I finally make the move. I spent years considering cars before I got my first Jaguar. For me, its a situation of feeling confident that I am not being so emotional that I put all logic to the wind. The online reports seem to be that the XF has a middle-of-the-pack reliability rating and the average repair costs seem within reason. Cheers!