Is there a trick to pulling those side marker lights?

I needed to change a side marker bulb in my “new” 2004. Went on the internet and saw two methods, one to pop it out from the rounded end, the other to pry it out from the top edge. Both made it look quick and easy. Men plan, God laughs. Both methods merely massacred the lens unit. I had to buy a new one, and frankly the carcass of the old one was still a PITA to remove even after I was past caring about damaging it. Has anyone else had this issue?
TT84, 04 XJR 43k

Tiger, if your speaking about the side marker lights flush with the BUMPERS .
On side has a push in clip .
Like the stereo kind of clip in plastic , you need a flat piece of platsic like a popcicle stick wedge it in and it will come out.
from the side facing forward
orpush it forward to press itself against the clip then pull out toward you, its a one side clip.