Is there anyone near Canton, OH to look at a 420?

I’m now looking at a 420 that appears to be a nice car overall. Wondering if someone nearby could check it out for me?
I’m in IL and currently unable to travel to look myself. I’m mostly concerned with drivability. He said it drives fine, but want to be sure. I don’t want a huge project.

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Mk2 didn’t work out, now buying a 420. Still finalizing details.

About 5 weeks ago that 420 was for sale by the a family that owned it since 1981. The asking price was $9000. I don’t know if this link will still work.

That’s fantastic. I offered slightly more than 9k but it was nice to see a video from the former owners. I’ll ask the seller about the brakes.

Thank you!

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If he gives you a problem have him compare it to this one. The 1st buyer couldn’t come up with the money backed out and the second time around it sold for $14,141.

I got it for a little less than that one on BAT.
He said the brakes were just done and Layland motors. I feel much better seeing the FB listing you shared. Thank you!

I really wanted a Mk2, but they are too $$$ for me. This is a good compromise. The project I have is way beyond overwhelming.