Is this a Slightly optamistic asking price?

Nope, not at all. All you need is the right ass in the driver’s seat. Old cars are all over the place on pricing. I bought a 1992 of the same model for $500, and it sits in my garage. It needs the brakes fixed and a paint job. There are many of these for sale, and you need to shop around. More importantly, you need to look at the car in person, drive it, and then decide. Lots of potential and immediate problems, and all are expensive to fix.

You can ask
You might now recieve🙏

Agree with Ronald_Stephenson.

Look here to get comparables: Jaguar XJS For Sale - BaT Auctions

Not if you’re in N CA … :roll_eyes:

I agree I have been telling seniors in our group that the numbers are going down
Way down……
It was like my Ford Model
A club 15 years ago….
Tough talk with my beloved WW2 owners
“ Guys gift these cars to someone soon they will be worth nothing”
Today a fully restored 1930 Model
A is maybe 15 grand
That’s after 50 plus grand in a restoration
Sadly they are all dead now
Just enjoy your ride
Pay what makes you comfortable
Unless it’s a Lusso 250 and so others most are for driving not for rei

Mileage not to low. By that I mean real low millage can be good or very bad. My current project an 86 xjs v 12 only had 17,000 miles when I purchased it 10 years ago. Jags don’t like sitting around. I had many electrical issues. Turn systems on one by one to verify operation. Not saying they will stay that way but… Also Jaguar liked to channel exterior water through small passages under the trim and around the boot lid ( water running off your car normally is so unsightly wtf ). Check rear fender down low near exhaust also rockers under door area. Does the car smell musty? If so look under carpet ( mine did) little secret water passage had gotten plugged and water got to interior. Jag electrics don’t like the green house effect. Good luck these cars are amazing can be a little overwhelming at times but that’s why they make vodka.

I can easily find a 94 thru 96 4.0 for half that.
Sure the mileage is low but that’s a questionable criteria.
These cars are better when driven.

Drop that first digit and you’re at the real market price. Never paid over $5k for one and I have five.

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See my 90 convertible for sale here in classified section.
More miles but very good condition and well sorted.

My opinion, the XJS will never be worth an Etype or XK150. Because i think ANY car from late 70s and up is just not worth the headache with all the technical issues to restore. Simple carb cars are so easy.

And as new generations embrace electric cars, gasoline powered cars will fade like the steam engined cars. Especially when gasoline will be rare and expensive.

We who grew up with the muscle cars of the 60s and 70s will be the last collectors.

Our cars will eventually be in museums only.


I wondered just how popular the electric and “hybrid” cars are these days, gregmatic … Was talking to a friend of mine who lives in L.A. (near Inglewood, IIRC) and he says there that at least one house on every block has a Tesla, just about … wow :open_mouth: And THOSE cars are not cheap … :grimacing:

Well… I’m stepping up to the pump for a hybrid.

Looks like 84K miles on the odometer not 64K as stated in the description.
Once you step into the 1989 world seems like you get the ABS brakes, the airbags and the marrelli ignition. Being a US car you probably get those nice mouse track seat belts as well.
3 or 4 different things I tried to avoid when I bought my car for $6900 CAN. They seem like those would be a PITA to fix when they go wrong. I agree with Greg less technology on older collector cars seems better. Probably why the hobby is doomed. Auto manufacturers don’t want us working on the newer cars these days. You would have to start out by buying one of those $300000 diagnostic machines just to figure out what was wrong with your new car engine hidden under that plastic shroud. My neighbour bought himself a new Mustang GT. Its a nice car. Every weekend he washes it , drives it around the block and tucks it away back in his garage. Sounds like a lot of fun to me.

Careful, don’t fall prey to the grass is greener syndrome, because things are rarely what they seem. I am willing to bet dollars to donuts that beyond the constant washings and a possible car payment, he’s got zero connection to that car.

You’re correct, There was a little sarcasm in my comment.
He says my Xj-S looks like a land yaught !

He couldn’t work on it if he wanted to. Any service requires returning the car to the dealer.

Not quite ready for prime time in my estimation. I have been offered a hybrid in my favorite everyday car (Avalon) with four cylinder engine, and all the rest of that stuff. Nope, not for me.