Is this a typical amount to have invested in an occasional-driver XJ40?

I’m shocked at how little people value these cars!

I recently bought mine for $2,000, and I’ve put $400 into it to address a few issues, so I’m now in it for $2,400.

It’s a “20-footer,” but it drives really nice and even gets compliments once in a while.

There are a lot of really shitty ~ $2K cars out there … do those people just not know about the XJ40, or what?


I watched a Wheeler Dealers last night, XJS purchased for 1000 GBP needed a replacement bonnet and a few other things but was in good condition mechanically (3.6 AJ6) they on sold for 2450GBp

So you’re saying I overpaid?


Nope just agreeing in a round about way, people are just afraid of the Jaguar (thank goodness)

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Gotcha. It’s pure chance that I bought a Jag, to be honest. I was looking for a cheap car to have as a back-up now that my daughter occasionally drives our second car, and I stumbled upon the just-posted Craigslist ad.

I figured why not!

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Bill …

Buying a luxury car that’s around 30 years old is always going to be a roll of the dice. Take it from a guy who’s owned the same one for almost 3 decades.


FIRST RULE … if you plan on taking it to a repair shop for every problem then FORGET IT. These car$ will eat you alive. Not only are they extremely complicated they are … foreign. Parts usually cost AT LEAST two to three times what ford or chevy would charge. However if you’re willing to invest the time and energy doing your own research and repairs only then would I even consider it. Just go into this with your eyes open. There’s a real reason these cars are so inexpensive to buy.

SECOND RULE … see first rule.

They are wonderful cars and literally drip with elegance so I don’t mean to be a “Debbie Downer” but that’s been my experience.


They are not extremely complicated, there is no space technology here. They are the same as other cars. The only inconvenience, is no OBD2 but having a multimeter can handle it too. The metric/inch screw combination is also dumb.

I can only talk about the X300, but that should have roughly the same price level. Here in Germany you have to invest about €5000 if you want a decent one, maybe 3000€ if you don’t care about condition other than it passing its MOT.
By the time I had fixed all the major issues on mine it cost me about twice that. But I got a rust free Italy import for that and it is a MANUAL :slight_smile:


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I gave the equivalent of $ 3,000 for my collector’s xj40


And then you spent the same again for the Avon tyres on the rear? I’ve got two good p4000 (like you have on the front) left, but was unsuccesfull in obtaining two more.

Yes, I’m already appreciating this reality. And I even get what you mean by “literally dripping with elegance,” as indicated by the makeshift drip tray I keep it parked over!

I’m just trying to enjoy it and get some practical use out of it while I have it, and then hope that I ultimately turn out OK on the deal in the end.

When I think back, I’ve done quite a few things myself to my cars over the years … bent and installed new steel brake lines on a 93 Jeep Wrangler, new radiator in an 01 Nissan Maxima, new water pump on a 64 Buick Electra 225, new idler pulley on an 03 Mercedes E320, new window regulator on an 02 Acura 3.2TL, complete custom stereo install in an 86 Nissan 300ZX Turbo, and I even stripped all the trim off of my 66 Buick Skylark GS for paint and helped install the new convertible top.

There is something intimidating about this Jag, tho, I admit. But I’m learning more about it and hoping to be able to tackle a few things myself. (So far all I’ve done myself is replace the shocks on the hood and trunk … sorry, the bonnet and boot!)

I could not agree more with Dennis. If you do not know that all the typical XJ40 issues have already been overcome then prepare either to try to live with them when they appear or fix/have them fixed. I have done a lot to my XJ40 during the last year (Project description), and it has not been expensive even if I live in a distant country. You guys in the North America have lots of cheap parts available in eBay, for example. I even found an AC condenser listed in Walmart, whereas I found only one seller in Europe, albeit the price was not high.

I think it just comes down to how many flaws you’re willing to deal with. Some things on these cars are pretty cheap, and others cost an arm and a leg. And that’s assuming you’re doing the work yourself. Usually it comes down to parts availability.

I bought two “new” old stock P4000s that were mounted on spare wheels. Currently, the car is on 4 Pirelli and I have the (new) Avon in my garage as a reserve. In Poland, you can also find p4000, but as used or unused, taken from the stock. However, they will be old anyway :grin:

I think what holds the price down on these cars is that they are complex vehicles with much electronics. Most people are not hobbyists and do it your selfers , and will have to get professional service/repairs. Many areas in the USA have a dearth of competent independent repair shops willing to work on these cars. They will buy parts where ever they can, mark them up 100% and pad the labor times charged. Finding a Jaguar dealer who will work in these is problematic now that they are 30 years old. So while initial purchase price may be low, for most, repair costs are not and most repair shops, if they can even be found, are not knowledgeable about all the short cuts and cost saving techniques discussed on forums here.

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I watch Wheeler Dealers every night and I saw the XJS episode last week. I have been surprised by the initial purchase prices Mike paid for a lot of the cars they have bought, and also at the selling prices when the work is done, then I noticed that most of those episodes date back to 2012 to 2015. Six to nine years is a long time in the classic car world and here in the UK there has been quite a boom in Classic car sales and demand, particularly in the last 18 months during the lockdown period. I think an XJS offered in the same condition today would easily make £7000 +.

I spent € 4,500 on this car to buy it and at least € 7 / 8,000 to make it fully functional. the problem is that you never finish … I have only and always had the work done by professionals, I have neither space nor skills … and I should add that I only drive this car every day! either you love it or you throw it into a ravine … I have faced and am facing every day all the problems described in this forum … without the help of which it would have been impossible.