Is this mystery part a Mark V heater?

I purchased parts at an estate sale. The heater on the left is from a Mark IV. Can anyone identify the heater on the right?

I think that’s a Smiths’ heater possibly XK120.


The bracket is not, but the heater could be used in a late Mark V. It depends on the inlet and outlet pipes, they normally took a 90 degree turn for Mark V.
This is for my Apr '50 Mark V.
heater 001
heater 003

The Mark V unit has 5 visible rows of fins where yours has 9, but Mark V owners in colder regions might appreciate the extra heating capacity.

Thank you for the information. As I try to disperse the extra parts I have, it is useful to have an idea what they are. From your information and others I now believe my heater FHR 2406/1 R250 is from a Mark V or an early XK model. I will need the plastic handles for the two Mark IVs that I have.
Thank you and the others for this information.

Someone who does 3D printing, and who could scan a good example, could easily recreate those.


There may be a misunderstanding. Yours is too tall for an XK and will not fit. I wouldn’t want you to sell it to an XK owner and have him come back unhappy because it won’t fit.
I imagine yours came from a Land Rover or something like it.
Here is an XK unit.

Yours is taller at 9 rows than the normal 5 row Mark V unit, and someone who wants the correct one would not want it, but for someone who doesn’t care about originality I think it will probably fit.


Thanks for the information.

Greetings All,

What are the chances these were made by a supplier to a variety of manufacturers?

It’s an optional accessory correct?

That might explain the difference if it was made for a bigger car?

Smith’s Motor Accessories. Chances are 100%.
Here is the smaller version in a Mark V.