Is this the right jag part? (Brakes)

Is this the correct part?

Also, how would I go about finding the correct names/part numbers for parts?

This is as good a place as any to check for parts and names:

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CBC1390 is the brake hose in this picture that has the spring around it. The other one that’s cracked - it escapes me right now.
If you could get a better picture of where it ends up (connects to) I could give you a better idea. I know I’ve seen it, and for the life of me at this moment in time, I can’t remember where it goes, I’d love to help where I can, but I draw the line when I have to take the wheel of my XJ-S to tell you, Call me lazy :wink: Sorry.

check out @Robin_O_Connor recommendation. That’s a real good source. I assembled my window regulator from the Jaguar Heritage website.

Such a great site, thanks. I looked through the brake line and caliper and ABS sections of it and couldn’t find it, but found another piece I need there, thanks!

I’ll get better pictures when it’s light out.

Is that your wheel speed sensor cable? If so it’d be under the antilock assembly

When I want to know the name and part number for a part on my wife’s 1990 XJ-S convertible, I take out our hard copy of the Jaguar Parts Catalogue and simply look it up. A picture of the cover of that document is attached. I also have the Jaguar Parts Catalogues for our other three Jaguars and I have found them to be quick and easy to use over the past 19 years or so. I think the XJ-S one cost me about $50 on eBay. I have saved much time by knowing the part number quickly and money because once I know the correct part number I can shop around more effectively for the part.

I find the hard copy documents suit me much better than the problematic CDs as I sit down and flip back and forth through the pages. I also look up parts on the website when my Jaguar Parts Catalogues are not handy.