Is Water pump interchangeable between 3.6 and 4.0 litre models

Would anyone know if the water pump from, say, 1993 (4.0 L) can be used in 1989 (3.6 L). JDTH manuals show two different numbers for the assembly, EAC7242 for 3.6 L w/ 80 A alternator, and EAC9213/EBC4437/EBC8550 for engines with 90/115 A alternator… What is the difference?

There are 4 different pumps that use the same body and gasket. The pulleys are different. On the multi groove belt ones, there are 4 groove and 5 groove. Some have studs and some don’t. They all fit on the car the same and use the same gasket and hose hookup.

Thanks, exactly what I wanted to know!