ISO: Xj6 Series 3 Subframe Bushings

Anyone know where can I find good quality subframe bushings, front and rear, for my 1985 XJ6? I’ve head some poly aftermarket bushings can be squeaky. Not sure if this is an issue on these ones in particular though. Guidance appreciated!

Update: Has anyone had experience with ANG Classic Car Parts, Eurospare, or MTC’s options?

SNGB are one of the best parts supplier…great customer service…they have Jaguar branded bushes they do have a US presence SNG Barratt UK | Keeping your Jaguar on the road

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Only place I would put Poly bushings, front or rear, would be the steering rack.
And get OEM bushings so you know they will last another 30 years and that the rear cage will not fall in your face.
SNGB are indeed one of the best.

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Having been seriously disappointed in “OEM Replacement” suspension bushings from “Reputable (big name)” purveyors of Classic Jaguar parts (first ones lasted 40 years, replacements lasted 3 years), I now only consider genuine Metalastic bushings and rubber parts.

They can be had from David Manners Ltd, UK, Jack Weston is the fella to contact for details and specific parts. ( Jack’s direct line; 011 44 121 5431629 from USA)

Poly bushes last forever but are harsh and noisy in my experience. Only people who have never experienced the soft, supple ride of a properly bushed Jag will not be disappointed with their performance.

I can tell you how I know that…

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As far as im aware genuine branded Metalastic are no longer manufactured…the usual suppliers sell a “metalastic” product that is metal and rubber of varying quality…do not get these confused with genuine which will have “Metalastic” embossed on them…Also there are different poly bushes…dont just think they are all the same…the black poly manufactured by Polybush" and supplied by SNGB are as close as possible to the chatacteristics as original rubber…but with the benefit of oil grease resistant…Steve


Received this past February from the above mentioned David Manners.

Hi…thats very interesting…thanks for posting…are these new old stock or new manufactured…I will call Manners on Monday…i was not aware that new bushes were available with this embossing…thanks…Steve

You’re very welcome.
I don’t think they’re NOS because when I ordered the radius arm bushes they had to order the large ones from somewhere else, I assumed a manufacturer.

The packaging doesn’t look Olde, they looked nice and fresh.

Well excellent. Thank you verty much!

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