Issues with the Forum While Running the Latest Version of Microsoft Edge (Not an Insider Build)

Hello everybody! I’ve been having some strange issues lately where the forum runs extremely slow. On rare occasion, it’ll take up to one minute for a forum page to load. This problem doesn’t happen on other browsers.

I should also mention that another issue happens while using Microsoft Edge. Once you click on a category, it seems to never really load. Microsoft Edge always ends up stuck while trying to load a category. I have a strong internet connection and have attempted to reboot my computer with no luck whatsoever. Please help!

Try google Chrome and see if things improve.

I don’t want to use Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge, but I tried to reproduce the issues that have been occurring with Microsoft Edge on Google Chrome. I tried reproducing them on Google Chrome to no avail.

Things haven’t gotten any better in the past 21 hours or so… :cry:

Still isn’t any better…

These issues have gotten unbearable at this point.

Did you reinstall edge at some point?
Worst case you’ll have to use another browser if these work… I would assume the issue is at your end, but I have no idea what would cause it. Try resetting your cache and cookies also. Better, do that first.
Also try other forums running the Discourse code if nothing else helps, to isolate the issue.

I never reinstalled Microsoft Edge.

I tried resetting my cache and cookies. That didn’t work.

It appears that other Discourse forums have the same issues too. This isn’t good! :open_mouth:

This has gone on long enough. Unfortunately, I’m forced to use Internet Explorer now. :disappointed:

Thank you for your help!