It is time for new rear brakes

It is time for near rear brakes, plan to replace the pad, rotors, calibers, hand brakes pad, and shocks. Am I missing anything, please advise for anything else, while the rear end is down? Also, transmission mounts are shot.

Brake hose.

Stub axle seals?


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Go ahead and change the fluid in the differential while it is out - and maybe change the filter and the fluid in the transmission since you will have the transmission mount out of the way - Tex.

Good point changing the transmission filter, would you change the spring in the transmission mount too?

I thought the spring usually holds up well, but the center “foam/cotton” bushing is what deteriates on the mount and the “spacer cushions” for the spring - check the archives for more info - Tex.

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Definitely and even bearings.
Anything after the disc brakes can be done in situ.
Anything before not, the cage has to be dropped.

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Great thanks for the tip I will add this to my list