It lives muahahahahahahah

First startup on my new engine.


Nice!! Any more details??

Well done. Looks great!

So we gave it a bit of a tune and went for a test drive. I can only get 3.5% CO maximum before the mixture screw bottoms out, but that might be OK although I usually aim for about 5%.

Pulls like a train. Idle is a little rough but whether that’s tune or a tight new engine or maybe the cam I don’t know. Oil pressure is 55psi running and the thermostatic fan is keeping the temperature at 85C. Loads of torque and it’s how I imagined a MK2 should be.

No oil leaks, but a persistent drip from one of the core plugs. This has settled with a bottle of Bar’s Leaks.

As you are aware I fitted new Koni shocks, replacing the (new) Gaz adjustables. This has transformed the car. Handling is lovely.

One problem. I don’t think I’ve got any boost on the brakes. I could easily lock the brakes up with the old booster, but nowhere near now. I’m hoping that I’ve just misconnected the valve on the Reservac canister. A problem for another day.

Otherwise I’m pretty pleased how it’s turned out so far.

Still needs a few hours fettling but overall it’s a much better car than the one I bought.