It's back... XK120 replica lump

this seems very familiar to me, too bad it’s auto and not a coupe

I had one of those 1952 Jaguar XK120 Roadster Replica by Antique and Classic Automotive kits that I was planning on installing over my 94 XJS, 4.0.
Every dimension was off from where I needed it to be.
The finish of the fiberglass was very good, but the frame which I had no intention of using was really rough.

  1. What is not good as to beimng a roadster?

  2. woder what an 82 Alfa romeo chassis looks like odd option.

  3. No title!!! POnly a bill of Sale!!! DMV issues!!!1

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i’m just not a convertible guy. i think the coupes look better.
wouldn’t be hard to get a bonded title

I think I might get it. In the early 60’s I bought a very nice 60 VW Beetle from a work mate. Red with a white canvass top.
Alas, when I tried to scrub it, it began to shred!!! Sok I bought an after market top. In vinyl/ it was a blast to install!!! SOg, the head liner was rotten as well. So, I got the top on, no headliner. USa Verts were OK sans liners!!

SOg. I read of the anti Corvair guy, And a workmte had a nce MONZa coupe.

I went shopping. Made a mistake. Tired of rag tops, I over paid for a nice 63 Monza coupe. It was tons of fun four on the floor. poor man’s Porsche!!! I passed on a turbo Monza convertible. Should have bought it!!!

Decades later, another opportunity for a turbo ragtop Monza. blew that one as well???


I knew my opposite was somewhere…:laughing: