Ivory colour sample

(Rob Reilly) #1

I don’t know if this color is as much of a controversy on pre-xk as it is on xk, but here is what I found under the curved cover on the scuttle of my '38 SS.
The area within the four bolts seems to have had good protection from the elements for the past 81 years, as it is slightly lighter than the surrounding area.

I also got to wondering if those 4 extra small holes to the right of the cover could have been from an SS dealer’s badge? Were such badges popular among distributors, agents and dealers in the UK? Perhaps removed because it had the SS logo?

(Graham Jordan) #2

Hi Rob.
Without looking back through your post regarding all the holes.
Does it have the four holes (although this has them in a different place than yours) for the other brass plate?
I can’t see them in your photos.

(Rob Reilly) #3

Thanks for your response, Graham.
I believe you are referring to the Recommended Lubricants plate.
As I interpret Allan Crouch’s book, I do not believe my car ever had one.
If it had, it would have been 4 holes in a rectangular pattern.
This pattern in mine is a trapezoid, not rectangular.
The 2 holes nearer the windshield are at 2" spacing.
The 2 holes nearer the engine are at 3-1/2" spacing.
Between the two pairs the spacing is 4-3/4".
So it may have been two separate items, or one non-rectangular item.

(Ed Nantes) #4

I have seen dealers plates but not under the bonnet. Where they wouldn’t do much to advertise the dealer, except to mechanics.
Popular in UK were tax disc holders with the dealers badge. These were on the inside of the windscreen
Swallow/ Ss? jaguar / SS Jaguar also supplied them. made by Raydyot and area nice touch, You can buy exact repros of the original tax disc for your car to put in them.
I suppose it would be expected for paint to discolour in an exposed area compared to one conc
The bracket ona MK IV in roughly that position for mountng th Radiomobile100 power supply has 4 holes at 2" x 8 " centres.

(Rob Reilly) #5

Here is one under the bonnet on Mark V 520871.
Though yes, not the best way to advertise the business.